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Our Expertise

NFT & digital asset strategy, business development and transformation, commercial strategy, Web3 partnerships, community engagement, project governance

Public relations, media targeting & distribution, storytelling, financial PR

Fully integrated marketing & social media campaigns, digital marketing, influencer marketing, media partnerships

Company presentations, panel discussions, networking events, virtual and in-person events

Communications strategy and management, tough leadership, crisis communications

Government & regulatory affairs, regulatory strategy, policy development and advocacy, policymaker engagement, education

IPOs, fundraising, advisory, mergers & acquisitions, corporate transactions

Crisis communications & reputation management

Investor deck & materials, investor communication and events

Communications strategy and management, tough leadership, public market communication. International company registration and licensing.

Businesses and individuals are striving to create, build and develop innovative products, solutions and services. We help our clients to increase their visibility, develop partnerships and valuable relationships, strengthen their brand while managing their reputation and enhancing their resilience.

We work with clients who share our core values. Together we achieve better results.

Cassiopeia - official partner of The Sandbox


Our business setup consultants will help you with customised company formation solutions that are hassle-free, affordable, and best suited for your business. Company formation solutions, management consultancy and corporate services, quick and efficient handling of all your documentation and government-related processes.

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