Cassiopeia presents: CargoCoin

Cassiopeia Services, the boutique IR/PR agency leading the blockchain revolution is thrilled to announce CargoCoin as the fourth confirmed company presenting at our Symposium on Wednesday 21st November at the May Fair Hotel.

CargoCoin is revolutionising global trade and transport by implementing decentralised technologies into the supply chain. The company links the physical world of trade, transport and logistics with the blockchain by replacing paper documents with smart contracts and providing secure escrow payments throughout the process. Incorporating blockchain into the supply chain means stronger ethics, more sustainability and better consumer protection.

A supply chain encompasses many levels, from manufacturing to consumer use and multiple actors in between: producers, shippers, warehouses and governments to name only a few. The current globalised manufacturing system implies that these typically complex supply chains actually surpass geographical boundaries, sometimes intercontinentally. In the current model, this results in a lack of transparency. Consumers have limited knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, allowing flaws and discrepancies to go unnoticed by the public eye.

An open-sourced traceable supply-chain can help tackle problems like Payment Cycle, cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention by establishing a trust protocol, as records are inalterable and cannot be deleted. Furthermore, an integrated system is likely to reduce the time and costs involved in the process. It is estimated that costs of trade-related paperwork amount to about 15 to 20 percent of transport expenditure. With blockchain, key quality indicators can be recorded from IoT devices from each point of the product’s journey, lowering fees, which ultimately results in cost savings.

Joshua Alexander, investment advisor and cyber security auditor, will be presenting Cargo Coin this Wednesday at our symposium.

About Cassiopeia Investor Symposia

The Cassiopeia Symposia series are exclusive events for selected companies and investors to network in an informal and friendly setting. We facilitate connections and an ongoing dialogue between companies and market opinion leaders.

At the end of each presentation, investors will have the opportunity to ask the management team questions during a Q&A session, after which a fine selection of drinks and canapes will be offered to all our guests.

In addition to CargoCoin, we will introduce guests to Andalas Energy, an AIM-listed company which has been in the spotlight recently over its newly-acquired assets in the North Sea as well as its positioning in Indonesia; and Right of Reply, an innovative technology company with a flagship blockchain-powered platform for online reputation management, coming soon onto the LSE market. We will also hear from the developers of Neurotrader, a software application designed to maximise trading performance and generate consistent rates of returns to investors.

You can watch presentations from the previous symposia and exclusive interviews with CEOs on our YouTube channel here


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