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Focus on Innovation, Crypto and FashionTech

Cassiopeia Services, the award-winning London-based boutique PR firm focused on innovation in the investment space, is pleased to announce its new key partnership with the global news and publishing service portal PICANTE Media and Events for its 2020 Tech Conferences in Europe, which will discuss how innovation is shaping our economy and society, as well as raise awareness of valuable projects in Europe.

Launched in 2019, PICANTE TECH Conference Europe is a series of annual events designed to bring together innovation with compliance via several panel discussion and exclusive keynote presentations. The events are regularly attended by the top leading and emerging European startups, SMEs and large enterprises. The conferences aim to target businesses in Central-Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Our goals are to help companies connect with the right partners in order to further develop their offerings in the ever-growing business community of the Baltic and Nordic regions. There are many opportunities in mobility, fintech, blockchain, edtech, and several other industries which haven’t yet been fully researched and implemented,” says Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at PICANTE Media and Events.

Cassiopeia Services boasts a solid, global marketing platform with focus on social media, as well as a wide following in the investment, innovation and technology space, particularly on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. From a growth and PR perspective, these networks and channels represent a valuable alliance for Picante’s events.

Commenting on the partnership, Alex Marginean, Marketing Specialist at PICANTE Media and Events said: “Cassiopeia Services is a respected boutique PR firm and we value their commitment as a media partner of the TCE series. As we continue to strengthen our position in the tech conference events calendar of Europe, while also planning our expansion into North America and Asia, they are among the most dedicated partners. Stefania and the team has built a great network and we look forward to welcoming them this year in Tallinn and Prague.

The event gathers entrepreneurs, company representatives, investors and enthusiasts in the B2B sector of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, NanoTechnology, Quantum Technology, 5G, IoT, AR/VR and more innovative tech. In 2020, Tech Conference will host two editions: Spring, taking place in Tallinn in May; and Autumn, taking place in Prague in October.

Among the confirmed speakers for the spring edition are Vytautas Kubilius (Google’s Country Manager for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) Clément Delbouys (Sales Manager for EasyMile Northern Europe), Marek Kopanicky (Consultant at Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency), Alex White(Co-Founder of crypto media group Coinstelegram), Märt Aro (Co-Founder at DreamApply and European EdTech Alliance), Gerard Martret (Co-Founder & CCO at Shotl), Jovita Gabnienė (Dispute Resolution & Entertainment Attorney), Magith Noohukhan (Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze) and more.

Cassiopeia founder and director Stefania Barbaglio will be moderating the panel session ‘Welcome to Crypto Paradise: Why the Baltic States are at the forefront of the Blockchain Industry in the EU’, when experts will highlight the potential of the Baltic nations in the context of crypto economy and blockchain technology.

She will also speak at the ‘FashionTech’ session on the r/evolution of fashion.

Cassiopeia’s TV channel FinancialFox , a fast-growing video platform for tech enthusiasts, innovators and alternative investment seekers, will host a series of special episodes dedicated to insights from industry speakers at this event.

“Our partnership with Picante Tech Conference represents all Cassiopeia stands for: promoting innovation, understanding the power of technology and making the right connections. Exploring the possibilities unlocked by new technologies is at the core of Cassiopeia’s work and for that reason, these events are the right fit for us. We are excited to be part of the 2020 conferences and we look forward to the discussions we will have in Tallinn,” comments Stefania Barbaglio.

Technology has the power to reinvent society and leave a positive impact in the world. Over recent years, there have been numerous projects harnessing technology to bring about increased sustainability, security and inclusion. While the fast-paced evolution in the tech space is indeed exciting and promising, it can also be overwhelming due to the sheer number of projects emerging in the sector, and doubts over the future of over-hyped products.

The key to a successful business is a strong use-case that can add real value to both customers and economic activity. It is also important for governments and institutions to be open to embracing new technologies that make systems safer and more efficient. The Baltic region has been rising as one of the new tech business and entrepreneurship hubs, supported by an agreement made by the three Baltic states to support the use of technology, especially in capital market innovations.

Nordic Countries: The hub of FashionTech

Known for her entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity, as well as her keen eye for opportunity, Stefania is an international businesswoman with vast experience in innovation strategies. Her expertise has placed Cassiopeia as one of the leading PR agencies in the tech space.

Beyond this, Stefania Barbaglio is a fashionista and fashion innovation expert. She has recently launched her own fashion innovation platform Steffy B. During the ‘FashionTech” session, she will talk about how new technologies are shaping the future of the fashion industry.

Sustainability, transparency and ethical practices are the hallmarks of the new fashion age. Through her platform, Stefania has been analysing how technologies play a key role in the evolution of industry, offering new shopping experiences, improved community engagement, better supply chain management, and social empowerment.

“The fashion industry and all the luxury markets are evolving fast thanks to the implementation of new technologies. But it is not just about new materials and better customer shopping experiences and new marketing practices; there is a lot of innovation to come that will disrupt the supply chain cycle, bringing more transparency, efficiency and empowerment to communities and creators. The considerable problems of counterfeits and the second-hand black market can now be fought against,” says Stefania

The Nordic and Baltic region is indeed the right setting for such discussion. The Nordic countries have established a tradition of sustainability and innovation in fashion, with the Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) earlier this year setting up a sustainability advisory board of international fashion industry representatives, banning single-use plastic bottles and developing a guide to more responsible fashion shows.

“We wish to use our role and our voice to make sustainability more attractive and are dedicated to speeding up the industry’s transition,” said CPHFW CEO Cecilie Thorsmark to Vogue.

The Nordic countries have also started a cooperation platform, promoted as part of the Nordic Fashion Association, NICE: Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical. “We are trying to move away from the very old-school, ugly-looking, chunking tech stuff happening now to a more fun, clean, fashion-tech scene that is more into emotional values, communication and solutions to everyday problems,” said Elin Fredberg, CEO of Swedish Fashion Council. The Swedish Fashion Council works with companies like H&M to develop tools to reduce faults in the fashion supply chain using technologies such as machine learning.

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