DigiByte strengthens decentralisation feature as UK gears up for first DGB meet up

Earlier this month, Digibyte (DGB) team announced ASIC Protection for Next-Generation Blockchain Mining with a view to decentralising its network. This also means increased protection and security.

The forward-thinking DGB is one of the very few small-scale coins seeking to grow its outreach and expansion programme envisioning mass adoption.

DGB platform announcement

Just a few days earlier, DGB became listed on Bitfinex, one of the largest and most important crypto exchanges. The listing endorses the long-term perspective of DGB and increases awareness around the coin, potentially bringing about positive implications on its value and trading. Often, when a crypto lists on a big exchange, it tends to bump.

According to crypto analysts, Digibyte has the potential of reaching $1 as the coin develops and its features become more sophisticated. DigiByte boasts the longest blockchain and its structure makes it cross-compatible with any other blockchain.

“The beauty of decentralisation is that you can do anything with it,” said Jared Tate, founder of DGB, who believes the world is on the verge of a new internet structure made possible by decentralised networks. He hopes DGB will be a key player in this new decentralised era, enabling users to have full control of their digital assets, finally ditching centralised institutions and middlemen.

Blockchain is a worldwide phenomenon. We’re at a point where everyone has realised that this technology is not going away; it is a paradigm shift in computer science and the architecture of the internet.“

Why invest in DGB? One of the strongest use cases in crypto

Digibyte is the ideal coin for those looking for long-term prospects. The coin is backed by a strong team and a very faithful community.

Launched in 2018, the Digibyte Awareness Team was born from a community-led effort to increase education and awareness about the power of Digibyte and blockchain.

Compared to other tokens, DGB offers multiple advantages, with a stronger user case: DGB can support over 48 million transactions a day — 10 times the current transaction capacity of the top 50 blockchains by market cap. DigiByte can handle the expected transactions from several million users instantly, with no changes needed to the existing blockchain. The DGB platform can also support arbitrages and fund remittances. Furthermore, Digibyte has a strong case for low transaction fees when compared with other crypto players.

DGB’s use case has showed significant improvement over the last year. Throughout 2018, the coin has been adopted as an alternative currency for many transactions in Venezuela, further proving the point of mass adoption. On top of that, platforms such as Antum are now using Digibyte for cybersecurity. The use cases keep adding value to DGB, and with time, we will perhaps see a number of businesses building on top of the Digibyte (DGB) blockchain.

Countdown to the first DGB gathering in the UK: November 18th

New developments within the DGB space are coming in just a few days to the UK’s first ever DGB event, taking place in London next Sunday. Investors and supporters will have the chance to meet Jared, the ’DigiMan’, talk to him face to face and hear about Digibyte’s news and his next plans. Other special guests include well-known Steemit ambassador Stephen Kendal and ‘Deano Digi’, joint founder of DGBAT, the DGB Awareness Team.

“We are introducing an innovative approach to crypto communities, bringing reality and personal relationships into a world where most interactions only take place online and a great deal of projects in this space are untrustworthy and illegitimate,” said Stefania Barbaglio, founder of Cassiopeia and organiser of the gathering.

“Digibyte was one of the first crypto coins to hit the market in the pre-ICO days of 2014 and since then has been growing organically, creating one of the largest and strongest online communities. We want more people in the UK to meet this community and understand that the world is moving in a new direction,” she added.

Cassiopeia looks forward to meeting Jared Tate and all of the DigiByte Community on Sunday 18th November in Central London for a unique and epic event. Only a few places left. More info on the event and registration form can be found here.

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