Exciting News — Financial Fox is announced as NFT Fest official media partner

Exciting News — Financial Fox is announced as NFT Fest official media partner

We have exciting news! Lugano Fest is the biggest NFT event in Lugano taking place this autumn from 7 to 11 September. The event will see industry leaders, creators and experts all gather to discuss the dynamic NFT industry.

We are proud to announce that Financial Fox is an official media partner of the NFT Fest in Lugano; Steffy our host from Financial Fox — the multi-award-winning platform that brings the latest news in Web 3, Fintech and Blockchain news; will interview the panel she moderates on the 7th of September in Lugano.

“Despite the mostly negative sentiment about NFTs currently, I believe that the real use case for NFTs is building communities. NFTs have the potential to increase adoption in this industry and what’s currently taking place is merely an evolution of how they will be used for future Web 3 users,” says Cassiopeia Services CEO and Founder — Stefania Barbaglio.

“NFTs are very important for the creator community as they enable royalties, this monetisation is a crucial part of the creator community and NFTs have the ability to scale revenue,” adds Stefania.

We hope to see you at Lugano Fest! If you haven’t secured your ticket yet, be sure to do so now — you can also use the following code for a special discount: STEFANIA30.

If you have any questions for Roberto for the panel that will broadcast on the Financial Fox please be sure to drop them via our social media platforms.

The Financial Fox is produced by Cassiopeia Services.

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The FinancialFox is always on a mission. On this occasion, a part of our mission is to find out what Lugano has to offer for Web 3 and crypto entrepreneurs and share our learning insights with our community, and facilitate opportunities where we can. And, if you have questions, get in touch with us via social media.