Exponential Technologies: Exploring the potential of tech companies to change the world

In the latest episode of the FinancialFox Podcast, Blockchain PR expert Stefania Barbaglio talked to David Orban, a visionary entrepreneur who sees our society as a product of the technological advancements mankind has witnessed so far.

David is a fierce advocate of exponential technologies: those that increase their power every couple of years and rapidly evolve. The power lies in leveraging on existing technologies to create better, more sophisticated ones. These changes, according to David, improve the lives of everyone around the world.

David has spent most of his life looking at innovative technologies and extrapolating their power to cause positive change. He believes companies harnessing evolving technologies shape our interactions with one another and, ultimately, our future.

David founded Network Society Ventures (NSV), a diversified global firm which is active in high technology investment, consulting and operations. The company helps its clients to understand exponentially changing technologies, the power of networks, distributed/decentralised organisations and their impacts on the clients themselves and the world at large.

“We are migrating from hierarchical centralised structures to decentralised ones that are going to push power to the edges. NSV looks at how businesses and society overall is addressing this transformation. Companies working with the Internet of Things, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, for example… These companies have the power to lay ground for the decade of technological and social growth,” says David.

These advancements are not only taking place within information technology, but extending to all sectors — healthcare, food chain, finance and management, among others.

David has recently joined Right of Reply (RoR), a blockchain-powered project which will deploy decentralised systems to help people and companies manage their online reputation.

David highlights that, in order to be part of this hyper-connected society, individuals have had to give up on their privacy and freedom, and it is time to claim this right back. RoR is deploying the latest technological advancements to protect the most important asset we have: our identities.

The exponential growth potential of RoR is its creation of a much-needed solution to fight bad actors and untrue content online, harnessing on blockhain structures to do so: “RoR chose architects that will work on the next generation of technological platforms as they mature and become available.”

RoR platforms, which will soon be released and available for users, has an important role in and contributes to supporting social justice by maintaining free press and fair media by providing management tools for online and real-world reputations.

“Decentralised technologies will continue to evolve and allow people to design better lives for themselves and create societal structures that benefit them,” believes David.

Technology for positive change. That’s what it is all about.

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