Fast-growing technology company Right of Reply joins Social Enterprise UK

Right of Reply (ROR), the fast-growing technology company with its blockchain-powered online reputation management platform, is pleased to announce its acceptance as a member of the leading national body for social enterprise, Social Enterprise UK. This membership reflects ROR’s important role in and contribution to supporting social justice by maintaining free press and fair media by providing management tools for online and real-world reputations.

Furthermore, Right of Reply’s largest shareholder, ATD Caritas, is a registered charity and its Articles of Association provide that 10% of its net profit, before the distribution of any dividends, will be donated to authorised charities.

Social Enterprise UK works to build a fairer and more equal society through solid partnerships with some of the biggest companies and institutions in the UK and worldwide. Social Enterprise UK partners with a variety of the UK’s leading organisations, both within the corporate and public sectors, as well as international bodies. Some of their partners include the British Council, World Bank, Johnson & Johnson and the NHS, among others.

Preserving online reputation is a growing concern for individuals, companies and authorities, as access to the internet and widespread use of social media become more intrinsic to the contemporary lifestyle of people all across the globe. Initiatives to prevent reputation damage and tackle its consequences have never been more necessary.

“It is an honour to be accepted as a member of a prestigious social organisation such as Social Enterprise UK, in our mission to empower individuals to take control over their online reputations and content. The right of reply is a legitimate right granted by law, yet exercising this right is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Even when exercised, the reply tends to come too late to have sufficient impact on balancing out the damaging content. It is important that every individual is in a position to reply to any kind of online content in an easy, timely and cost-effective manner proportionate to the wrong or misleading content,” commented Right of Reply CEO, Tom Brooks.

“Right of Reply was founded as an ethical company dedicated to providing individuals with an easy way to exercise their right of reply, whether to counter biased reporting in the press, trolling on social media or incomplete or inaccurate credit reports”, Brooks added. ”RoR was created as a force for fairness and social good, so we’re delighted to have been recognised by and accepted as a member of Social Enterprise UK.”

About Right of Reply

Right of Reply is an innovative Social Impact Technology company providing rapid, low-cost, and legally sound solutions, to both individuals and enterprises to manage their reputations. Through its online platforms, RoR ensures anyone’s ability to counter unfair, inaccurate or erroneous content with timeliness and relevance, as well as offering media outlets protection against defamatory lawsuits.RoR offers platforms for regulated media via RoR News, products for Credit Check and Credit Score via RoCC, and services for Digital Identity, Social Media and KYC via its innovative DApp, powered by Blockchain technology, RoRKEY.

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