Finance Magnates London Summit: The must-go show for crypto investors

Where is crypto headed? The 2018 edition of the London Summit brings together more than 70 industry leaders and specialisedprofessionals to share their vision and experience with over 2,500 attendees, in one of London’s most exciting events for crypto believers.

In 2017, the summit welcomed over 2,000 delegates and 1,100 exhibiting companies and 2018 promises to repeat last year’s success.

Amidst the current frenzy around blockchain, many investors look at the crypto market and wonder if they are missing out on something. Recognising the growing convergence between crypto traders and blockchain technology enthusiasts, the London Summit will set aside an area dedicated to all things crypto, the hottest trend in the trading market. Make sure you pop into the ‘Crypto Trading Floor’, where you can engage with fellow investors, and join both actionable and visionary sessions by the most notable experts in crypto.

London Summit 2018 — What’s on the Agenda?

Many other crypto experts from around the world are making their way to London as the capital gets geared up to become a global blockchain hub.

Delegates can expect keynote speeches by Coinbase UK’s CEO, Zeeshan Feroz, and eToro’s CEO, Yoni Assia, who will be discussing opportunities in crypto in 2019.

Another unmissable panel discussion will be analyzing different crypto trading models, featuring industry stalwarts such as Coinfloor CEO, Obi Nwosu, CX Seed’s Sam Tegel, and more.

The sessions aim to educate investors on trading in the crypto space, advising on key ‘dos and don’ts’. The crypto sector has been attracting attention from investors and venture capitalists who don’t want to miss the opportunity to join this ride while the market is still maturing.

Resembling the dotcom boom, the blockchain revolution is prompting a surge of multiple companies within the tech sector, so there is no shortage of projects and ICOs trying to carve their place in the crypto sector. It is natural for investors to feel ‘spoilt for choice’ in such a vibrant new sector. At the London Summit, you will hear both about new and exciting projects at an ICO competition, held by DX.Exchange, and about trends and developments in the regulation of this booming sector.

To better understand the disruption blockchain is creating, make your way to the Cryptocurrency Trading: Breaking Down Retail and Institutional models panel. The speakers will give you insights into the power that decentralised technologies have to change current business models, and what we can expect from the blockchain revolution. Come and meet us!

We, at Cassiopeia Services, recognise the importance of networking events and conference as an invaluable opportunity for people to connect and network. We are proud to be media partner for London Summit 2018 Edition!

Blockchain and Crypto PR guru Stefania Barbaglio, founder and director at Cassiopeia Services, will be joining a panel on effective PR in crypto and communications strategies in the blockchain space.

In her show FinancialFox, she recently interviewed the well-known founder of Digibyte and Head of Operations at Cardano on the disruptive power of blockchain technology. She is host regular show with Steemit blockchain ambassador Stephen Kendall, to discuss the most effective strategies for equity investors to start moving into the crypto space.

”The evolution of cryptocurrency can create a major revolution in the very way we transact and exchange value, and we have been covering this space extensively since 2012, so the creation of a crypto event was a natural one for us,” says Michael Greenberg, Founder and CEO at Finance Magnates Group, which offers industry and market news. “We look forward to hearing the views and opinions of some of the leaders of the European crypto community at the event.”

The event is also the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, get to know potential partners and gain unique insights into the financial world as it gains this new shape.

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