Gold bull market: Investment tips and insights

In the latest episode of FinancialFox, PR and investment guru Stefania Barbaglio welcomes two industry experts to share their insights and discuss the gold market: Amanda Van Dyke, a well-known gold fund manager, Managing Director at South River Asset Management

and former Chairman of Women in Mining UK, and Eamon O’Brien, Chairman of London-listed gold and base metals explorer IMC Exploration plc.

Gold prices have been on the rise for more than a year, a trend which specialist expect to continue as demand grows amid market uncertainty and geopolitical tensions. Exposure to safe haven assets such as gold and precious metals is an important factor to safeguard investment in times of slower economic growth and reduced returns.

Amanda states that we are witnessing the longest bull run in gold in recent years. People look for gold as a safe investment when the market feels unstable, she says: “Geopolitics has a big effect of uncertainty in the markets, and gold reacts to the markets. Gold is a store of wealth, so people put their cash into something that will be resistant to ups and downs.”

There are a number of ways for investors to buy gold, such as coins, bullion and/or equities.

Eamon talks about development and projects at IMC, whose focus is the exploration of gold in Ireland. IMC’s Avoca project in Wicklow presents a gold estimate alone coming in at almost 20,000 ozs. The company holds 6 prospecting licences, all located on the east coast of Ireland, with three of these aimed at targeting an area in Ireland which is considered to have high grade gold.

IMC Chairman also comments on the collaboration between the Irish Company and Trinity College Dublin, whose Raw Materials Research Group has chosen the Avoca projects for studies and analysis.

Furthermore, the experts discussed the role of sustainability and corporate responsibility in the mining industry, and the high standards mining companies must comply with to be listed on the main financial markets.

Amanda’s advice for investors: “You must have a diversified portfolio of gold that includes a combination of large and small cap companies to ensure maximum returns.”

Cassiopeia Services does not offer investment advice. It is very important to obtain professional advice when seeking investment opportunities. Each individual circumstance requires a specific plan that suits the investor’s needs and profile.

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