Golden Saint Technologies launches new partnership at leading ICT Conference in Southeast Asia

Golden Saint Technologies (GST), the London-listed integrated information and communication technology infrastructure solutions provider, has announced partnership with P2 Mobile Technologies to provide Wireless Mesh, a fast and advanced set of ICT tools addressing the growing needs of the Smart City market.

Smart Cities are designed to address and reduce structural inefficiencies, as well as to prepare urban areas for future growth and the coming generations. The aim of hyperconnected, smart cities is to deploy technologies to make optimal use of resources, increase social inclusion and create a better environment.The engineering behind the structure of smart cities combines multiple digital tools such as location sensing, cloud computing and mobile connectivity.

The global ICT market has grown consistently over the last decade. By next year, forecasts show that the global ICT market, including TV and video services, will be worth a total of more than 4.4 trillion euros.The Asia-Pacific region, where the GST hub is located, tops the tables on smart city strategies, making up 42 percent of global investments in smart city technology initiatives.

Research by McKinsey estimates that smart-mobility applications could create up to $70 billion in value, while forecasts suggest that by 2023 the smart cities market will be a US$7.6 billion Telco opportunity for mobile service providers (MSP) and network vendors.

The company announced the new product at the 2018 BICSI Southeast Asia conference in Singapore, with focus on ‘Smart Innovations: Infrastructure to Empower Future Technologies’.

BICSI influences the vision of advancing the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry by connecting ICT professionals with the solutions that inspire revolutionary ICT advancements.

The conference gathered prominent firms within the ICT space and provided a valuable avenue for networking and partnership opportunities: “Through BICSI and other associations, we have good contacts with local ICT installers and system integrators throughout the region,” commented Garies Chong, CEO of GST and BICSI Southeast Asia District Chair.

“This means it is straightforward for GST to reach out to active local partners in the Southeast Asia territories, and to quickly identify and execute on local Wireless Mesh sales opportunities.”

GST is strategically positioned in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) market and designed to take its place in this sphere. Although the company operates worldwide, its hub is in Asia, where the ICT industry is brewing and expanding at a fast pace, fuelling multiple opportunities for GST.

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