Golden Saint Technologies Ltd (GST) preparing for LSE Standard listing as new revenue-generating…

Golden Saint Technologies Ltd (GST) preparing for LSE Standard listing as new revenue-generating business

The new incarnation of Golden Saint is about to be listed on the main London market under the ticker of GST: a global technology investment company leveraging on its integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategy to offer tech solutions worldwide.

GST is the result of a reverse take-over (RTO) of AIM listed Golden Saint Resources (GSR), incorporating the well-established tech business EMS Wiring, which has been supplying governments and large private organisations with intelligent building solutions for the last 20 years.

Although the diamond licenses in Sierra Leone were believed to have good potential, the costs of progressing the work and bringing production to a substantial revenue proved too high for a small company like GSR. The capital required was high and the work to be done before any results could be seen was substantial. Such a business became unfit for an Aim company, as most investors are looking for progress and news. The future looked hard. GSR struggled to keep investor support amid the challenges involved in mining operations, difficult market conditions, and Ebola hitting the country in 2016.

The Board therefore decided to evaluate alternative opportunities to bring back value to its shareholders.

Golden Saint then left the past behind and focused on putting its revenue-generating strategy into action. The right opportunity soon arose through Singaporean contacts in the technology business.

Renowned private equity executive Tone Goh saw the value in taking over GSR, deciding to bring in a profitable Singaporean business he was involved as advisor, EMS Wiring, to fast-track its expansion. In December 2017, after suspension, After being suspended from December 2017, when the EMS deal was announced, Golden Saint Resources delisted from AIM on 24 April 2018. After a share consolidation of 50 for 1 the company started preparing for a new listing on LSE Standard.

“We saw the opportunity in EMS as a business which has cash flow and profits,” said the then CEO of Golden Saint Pierre Fourie, in an interview with FinancialFox. He highlighted that this change in the business’s direction was aimed at giving investors better returns.

Having completed the various pre-Admission steps, Golden Saint is now ready to proceed with Admission. GST builds on its profitable, Integrated ICT business to develop solutions to meet the needs of the ICT industry. Through EMS Wiring, GST has been supplying governments and large private organisations with intelligent building solutions for the last 20 years. This extensive experience bodes well as the company now places itself within one of the fastest-growing markets with opportunities expanding by the minute.

The global ICT market has grown consistently over the last decade. By next year, forecasts show that the global ICT market, including TV and video services, will be worth a total of more than 4.4 trillion euros. The emergence of other technologies such as artificial intelligence and internet of thigs (IoT) promises to keep widening the path for ventures in the ICT space and calling for more innovative solutions. AI in particular is a versatile technology and offers attractive insights, as McKinsey research estimates AI techniques can create between $3.5T and $5.8T in value annually across 19 industries.

GST’s strategy is to act on the surging opportunities in this space, particularly targeting emerging markets where the demand for ICT infrastructure is rapidly increasing.

The future is Smart Cities:

With the fast-paced developments in ICT driven by widespread IoT gadgets, urban design is about to get a new connotation: smart cities. A smart city is one which uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

Technology in smart cities is applied to various ends, from gathering geographical data to evaluating energy consumption. Forecasts suggest that by 2023 the smart cities market will be a US$7.6 billion ???Telco??? opportunity for MSPs and network vendors. The aim of hyperconnected, smart cities is to deploy technologies to make optimal use of resources, increase social inclusion and create a better environment.

Golden Saint Technologies is strategically positioned in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) market and designed to take its place in this space. Although the company operates worldwide, its hub is in Asia, where the ICT industry is brewing and expanding at a fast pace, fuelling multiple opportunities for GST.

GST is at full steam as it has already laid out plans for after the listing: “We are very excited because after our listing we are entering the Indian market on a great opportunity to provide internet infrastructure for one million homes, and we will have good profit from there,” said Chairman Tone Goh, at GST Investor Presentation in London last summer.

CEO Pierre Fourie and Executive Chairman Tone Goh are currently in London to finalise the LSE listing expected for end of October.

Pierre Fourie and Tone Goh at Hill Dickinson office.

Golden Saint has a brand-new website. Visit

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