High-end Italian vegetarian food arrives in the UK: Meet Rossorapa UK

The UK has witnessed soaring a number of people adopting veganism, reaching 3.5 million in 2018. The surge towards veganism is attributed not just to a healthier lifestyle choice, but also concerns about the impact of cattle farming on the planet. In fact, it has been shown by many — including the American Geophysical Union and Science Magazine ­– that agriculture is the second-biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, behind motor vehicles.

The vegan trend is more than just following a plant-based diet, to many it is about adopting a lifestyle where sustainability and nature are at the heart of everything they do, a motivation that newly arrived Rossorapa UK follows.

“More and more people worldwide are turning to veganism. It is not to 'be cool', it is a personal responsibility. People are making informed choice to feel and be better. ” Stefania Barbaglio, Managing Director and co-founder at Rossorapa.

"Being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean compromising on nutrients and taste. A plant-based diet can be incredibly varied, nutritious, and delicious: it’s all about combining the right ingredients. Taste is key for us.”

The huge surge towards veganism can be accredited to more than just health concerns. Many people are becoming concerned about the impact that cattle farming has on the planet. In fact, it has been shown by many, including the American Geophysical Union and Science Magazine that agriculture is the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gases, behind motor vehicles.

By combining high quality and great taste, Rossorapa offers more than just plant based foods, it introduces the concept of food for the soul. All products are harvested respecting the natural cycle of crops, free from preservatives, refined sugars and any other artificial chemicals. Rossorapa says nature provides everything we need, there's no need to add anything else.

Gianluca Ferrari, founder of Rossorapa, works to ensure all Rossorapa products at top quality, combining Italian tradition with innovation: “Production at our organic farm Azienda Agricola Villaretta near Cremona in Northern Italy adheres to stringent high standards. I am a firm believer in sustainable agriculture based on new technologies and powered by renewable energy. This, along with respect for nature, its seasons, and animal welfare, underpins our whole method, allowing us to produce the highest quality food.”

Rossorapa recipes are exclusively signed by the well-known Pietro Leemann, founder of Milan’s Joia, the first Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant in Europe — a huge achievement and a big leap for vegetarian cuisine. His food philosophy is deeply rooted in Japanese and Italian cultures, he believes in a full experience of all the senses. Selection of the right ingredients is crucial.

"When I met Gianluca for the first time a year ago, I was struck by the feeling of meeting an old friend again. Since that moment, we have been exploring projects together that are close to our hearts: the health of both our planet and people who appreciate good food. One such project is preserving the fruit and vegetables grown in Gianluca’s ethical farm. Pure, natural flavours, straight from the earth, at the same time quintessentially Italian," says Pietro Leemann.

Rossorapa values clear provenance of food, that’s why all their products are grown on an organic, sustainable, agricultural system on uncontaminated land, powered by renewable energy, all made in Italy.

They are working with Provenance UK to empower transparency in every step of the food supply chain. "Provenance shares Rossorapa's belief that every product has a story; by partnering with them, we can ensure our ability to tell those stories,” adds Stefania Barbaglio.

Rossorapa has re-established a direct, authentic link with the earth. Respect for nature, seasonal rhythms and certified organic farming methods are the cornerstones of our work in producing fresh, tasty, organic produce.

Food is looked after carefully and meticulously throughout every step of the cycle, from the moment crops grow on the farm in Northern Italy, to the very moment the fresh produce arrives on consumers' tables. To ensure freshness, products are delivered same day to national orders and within a day internationally. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it so they know that their products are the best they can possibly be.

Rossorapa will launch in the UK in September at the FT Weekend Festival, one of the most prestigious cultural events in the country.

Attendees of the FT Weekend Festival are eligible to enter the prize draw to win a Summer Hamper. Enter your details here.

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