How a Blockchain powered platform could help to resolve the problem of online reputation management…

How a Blockchain powered platform could help to resolve the problem of online reputation management in a simpler and straightforward manner

Right of Reply and its unique blockchain powered servise RoRKey.
First of all, all starts from the KYC process. It is essential to ensure that only the subject of the article responds to any specific content related to his/her person. Our platform uses white label system apps — common to all our businness solutions — to underpin the blockchain infrastructure, which acts as a managing and identification system for digital identities.” says Right of Reply. Digital identities can be certified by KYC processes carried out by institutional third parties and authorities, complying with international standards. “Our users’ data will be stored in an identity wallet (I-Wallet) within the RoR App on their smartphone/tablets/computer, thus offering unparalleled security compared with storage on a central repository such as Facebook or Twitter” The I Wallet will be accessible through a self-generated identification number from a public key, and a corresponding private key. Users will then ask for certificates from relevant authorities, using KYC procedures. The definition of the standard to be used for saving the workflow in the blockchain is under development. This will significantly advance the offer of an open system linked to reputational issues Right of Reply operates via its current 3 business solutions for both individuals and enterprises: • RoR: Right to Reply to Regulated content • RoCC: Right to Reply to credit check and reports • RoRKey: Right to Reply to any other form of online content Based on the fact that it addresses counterparts such as editors of any media, who currently do not use blockchain technology in writing their content, RoR service is structured on a proven bur traditional technology.
RoCC service, which is confined by the same circumstances mentioned above, is aimed at credit agencies. Their platform offers the possibility to interact through a blockchain protocol in the event of their institutional counterparts, wi be ready to adopting similar protocols in both, formation and publication of their content. Blockchain technology and DLT allow consensus to be reached in a peer-to-peer network without having to trust a central authority, creating a trustless system where records of data are signed, verified and sealed in a decentralised way. Blockchain protocols will be used for RoRKey service offer, as well as to establishing the transactions workflow, resulting in a viable and secure solution for the management of public and private keys. Using the Right of Reply app as an identity wallet on the user’s smartphone, people can interact with the RoRKey application built on Ethereum’s blockchain.
Through a decentralised application (Dapp) RoRKey allows both every user to record the hash of any content on the blockchain and ultimately the content itself on the IPFS protocol, creating an open and decentralised registry for online reputation.
This Dapp doesn’t require people to trust RoRKey itself, because the company is merely a technical facilitator, a service provider between users and the blockchain decentralised application (Dapp). In this model, digital tokens are the economic incentive for creating and sustaining an ecosystem built around the RoRKey service. “Tokens are used to reward users and content creators for their collaboration, as well as to correspond Community arbitration services. RoRKey token is the key enabler to encourage fair communication on social networks and blogs, potentially addressing to the roots the problem of fake news currently threatening corporations like Facebook and other important players in the industry” says Right of Reply. See more on RORKEY at

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