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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”

- Warren Buffett

For hundreds of years, a person’s reputation has been their most important asset. A reputation is something that can take years to build, but only seconds to crumble. We’ve seen this time and time again in the new age of social media. A study even found that 87% of executives rate online reputation management as more important than other risks. So why is our reputation so hard to protect?

Despite constant advances in technology and social media, there is still no integrated platform or service an individual can use to protect themselves from the spread of false information on the web. Unverified media sources can produce false content, with virtually no recourse. This increasing inability to determine the truthfulness of online content can be incredibly damaging to people and companies. For example, a rumour was spread years ago that Starbucks refused to send coffee to troops overseas. Despite this having been confirmed as false by the Company, it still appears frequently on social media, and the Company is still responding to queries.

Right of Reply has a new, innovative solution that empowers individuals to directly control their online reputation. Underpinned by a team of serial entrepreneurs with solid experience in technology, a proven track record and access to capital, Right of Reply (ROR) positions itself as an innovative leading player in the online reputation space. Right of Reply brings expertise and cutting-edge technology to what is often the wild terrain of online reputation management — empowering its clients to regain control of their reputations by telling their truth.

Right of Reply empowers individuals to protect their most valuable asset, their reputation.

The concept of ‘Right of Reply’ offers individuals the right to respond to any criticism made about them — in the same place that the original criticism was published. This concept is not new, yet not law in most countries. In many jurisdictions, there is no legally backed, systematic way to protect one’s reputation. Even when no one is trying to undermine the value of one’s reputation, it certainly appears that the right tools are not being made available for one to protect themselves if the potentially catastrophic spread of false information does start. In fact, 88% of adults agree that it’s very difficult to remove inaccurate information about themselves online. This is the exact problem that Right of Reply are tackling. Right of Reply offers three distinct services (RoR, RoCC and RoRKEY) that grant individuals the freedom to respond to anything posted about them on the internet in a timely, legally sound manner. Right of Reply believes that everyone should be able to tell their truth, and that their low cost, legally sound service will revolutionise the way that people manage their online reputations.

Right of Reply understands that more and more employers are checking applicants’ social media accounts, searching applicant’s names on the internet, and using the internet to find out as much as they can before hiring a person; in fact, 70% of employers admit to not having hired an employee because of online content. In 2018, we are seeing an unprecedented ability to access information that we would never have seen before. Right of Reply wants to help people everywhere make sure that the information about them on the internet is accurate and represents their truth.

Right of Reply, or RoR

ROR empowers individuals to respond to negative or erroneous online content through its suite of patented search, respond and publish tools. RoR enables the general public to access multiple perspectives on specific content, and offers media outlets protection against defamatory lawsuits.

Reply on Credit Check, or RoCC.

Typically, when banks and other financial institutions are deciding whether to grant loans, they complete a credit check to assess the risk factor of any given person. These credit checks do not reflect the unique situation of the person, and do not offer the ability to justify and explain credit history or offer any extra details. RoCC will revolutionise the way that money is borrowed by allowing individuals the ability to respond to information found on a credit check. Financial inclusion in the 21stcentury is a huge issue, and by giving individuals the power to respond to information on their credit check, add new information, and provide documentation to challenge inaccurate information, we can take a step towards a society based on fair financial assessment. This service could help countless people around the world access credit. For example, 20% of Americans have an error on their credit report. With RoCC, they will be able to correct these errors.

RoRKEY. Register of Reputation Keys

A decentralised register of reputation powered by blockchain technology, allowing anyone to store the proof of any digital content associated to their identity.

Powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, RoRKEY has created an ecosystem centred on reputations, where users will have their own unique digital identity linked to a personal public key on blockchain.

RoRKEY gives users an online platform where they can quickly and easily address and personally reply to any negative online content, especially on unregulated media like social networks and blogs.

The software is quickly and easily integrated into many online media platforms. Platforms benefit from these innovative and easy-to-use tools by ensuring the accuracy of their content and avoiding time-consuming and expensive legal consequences from people mentioned in their content.

RoRKEY aims to become the foundation of the biggest ecosystem for decentralized and independent protection of personal rights in the realm of communication.

Right of Reply is a certified Social Enterprise UK member

Social Enterprise UK is the largest social enterprise network in the UK, they are the leading global authority on social enterprise, paving the way in promoting equality through business. They firmly believe that social enterprise is the best way to create a truly equal society. This vision is something that Right of Reply enthusiastically shares — which is why they have become a certified member of SEUK.

“All businesses regardless of their set up have a role to play in creating a fairer, more sustainable world” — Social Enterprise UK

Social Enterprise UK works with some of the largest companies across both the private and public sectors. This unrivaled platform means that they can create real, lasting change. Some of the companies Social Enterprise UK work with include Santander, Johnson&Johnson, NHS England, the British Council and many more.

The services Right of Reply bring to the market come at an important point in time. It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the truthfulness of online content and this poses a huge risk to personal reputations. RoR services finally offer low-cost and easy protection of your most valuable asset — your reputation.

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