NeuroTrader: Harnessing biodata to optimise real-time trading performance

There are many factors one should consider before making decisions in the trading process. Whereas research about company performance, market outlook and stock trends are certainly important, there is also a psychological element that is very often overlooked by investors, which holds them back from gaining better returns from their trading activities.

Trading activity, often assumed to be based on logical and analytical behaviour in order to balance out the inherent risk and possible gains, is often strongly impacted by the trader’s state of mind. Stress, excitement and overstimulation are among the many variables which can lead to risky trading decisions and potential losses. The forces affecting trading decisions are indeed multifactorial but directly impact the outcomes.

Very often, financial losses can be attributed to poor decision making arising from fear, trepidation and anxiety, each of which show specific biological patterns. When investors get too emotionally involved with trading, they are more apt to take greater risks, which quite possibly lead to less favourable returns. Financial gains, on the other hand, tend to result from clarity and optimism, which have their own biological patterns, better known as “biomarkers”.

Emotions such as fear and greed are common in a trader’s daily life. Stocks and markets are, after all, fluid systems and bad news is bound to crop up. however, these emotions are misleading and as result, compromise trading performance. In order to ensure better results, traders should discipline themselves to override their instincts and move past the emotional response. This reflects on the figures; only 5% of traders make a profit at the end of the year.A reliable solution to prevent emotions from hindering optimal trading performance is a tool which provides insights into the trader’s neurosystem, informing smarter decisions. But is there such a solution without resorting to algorithms or robots?

NeuroTrader is a suite of software applications which can enhance traders’ decision-making effectiveness with wearable technology. Based on the concept of trading as a peak performance sport, NeuroTrader is creating the science of optimal decision making.

Real-time monitoring of the traders and their biodata provides an opportunity to mitigate risk, optimise performance and create stable and consistent rates of return as a function of the traders’ biological responses to price and market sentiment.

NeuroTrader is the system to help investors make better choices based on clinical analysis and objectivity. By analysing biodata collected via wearable technology, NeuroTrader can discern different human performance states and therefore inform trading decisions based upon the biological state of the trader, providing an advanced risk-management tool for every trade.

Neurotrader is initiating its pilot program in February next year, in which it will be monitoring 100 traders globally over a 6-month period. The NeuroTrader team, with 10 years of research and testing in the field, expect the platform to mitigate on average 20% of trading errors.

The industry has already taken the route of eliminating humans from trading and using machine learning to improve trading results, but the problem for financial institutions is that they have misunderstood the limitations of these technologies.

“There is a perfect middle ground where machines assist human performance; this is a paradigm-shift where machines serve people to achieve greater heights, not to make them redundant,” says Ken Medanic, the creator and founder of NeuroTrader.

NeuroTrader promises to be one of the first technologies to improve behavioural patterns in trading activity — suitable for both individuals and institutional investors. Hear more about this exciting tool in person. Don’t miss NeuroTrader’s presentation at Cassiopeia Investor Symposium! Register here

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