Online Blockchain launches global free cryptocurrency hub- claim, send, receive and store a…

Online Blockchain launches global free cryptocurrency hub- claim, send, receive and store a variety of cryptocurrencies with FreeFaucet

Online Blockchain plc (LSE:OBC) announces the open beta of its FreeFaucet product, an innovative application that allows a variety of cryptocurrencies to be claimed, sent, received and stored.

Product Overview

In the crypto world, an online faucet ‘drips’ different coins and enables visitors to claim these cryptocurrencies. With FreeFaucet, users can obtain both renowned and emerging cryptocurrencies up to three times per day free of charge (20 times a day with membership), and access some of the highest-paying faucets on the net.

The product, which is in open beta, provides a simple way to claim, send, receive and store a diverse range of cryptocurrencies in one place. FreeFaucet offers many popular cryptocurrencies including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Ravencoin, PlusOneCoin and Brazio. These claimed cryptocurrencies can then be securely stored on the FreeFaucet multicoin wallet (a cold storage solution).

FreeFaucet also boasts Geofaucet — a first-of-its-kind, location-specific faucet. Geofaucets are real-life, physical faucets in the form of a QR code. When these Geofaucet QR codes are scanned at a set location, the person scanning is rewarded with cryptocurrency. Additionally, anyone can create their own Geofaucet on the FreeFaucet site — and earn a passive income — by generating a unique QR code and placing it at a location of their choice. When a user scans this QR code, both the user and the Geofaucet owner receive cryptocurrency for free and will see their balance updated on Any non-users scanning a Geofaucet QR code will be prompted to register on to have their claimed cryptocurrency added to their new account.

Users can claim from an unlimited number of Geofaucets per day and claim from any given Geofaucet once every 12 hours. Details of the Geofaucet locations and the simple steps for creating one can be found at:

Another exciting feature of the FreeFaucet site is Bitferno, a powerful cryptocurrency miner of brand new cryptocurrencies. Approximately once a month, these cryptocurrencies will be distributed or ‘airdropped’ to all users. Distribution is scaled according to a user’s experience level: every single time a user interacts with the site e.g. logging in, claiming from a faucet or setting up a Geofaucet, they gain experience. Users with higher experience levels will be rewarded accordingly for their support and loyalty on the site. Bitferno is currently mining Bytecoin.

“There is unbridled interest in cryptocurrencies. Freefaucet offers a gateway to this market and enables established cryptocurrency enthusiasts and novices alike to earn free cryptocurrency with just a few clicks,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “ is now growing fast and our aim of making it a leading crypto community hub with many revenue streams has got off to a very exciting start.”

About Online Blockchain plc (LSE: OBC)

Online Blockchain ( is a UK-based incubator and developer of businesses in internet and information-based technologies, including developers, administrators and custodians of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The Company created ADVFN and today still has a holding of 17.98% in ADVFN plc.

Online Blockchain plc continues to consider new related opportunities, particularly crypto currencies and blockchain-based opportunities including incubating cryptocurrency start-ups and developing technical innovation in the blockchain space. Led by a team with over two decades of pioneering in tech, Online Blockchain focuses on innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralised ecosystems via various applications of blockchain: incubating cryptocurrency start-ups and developing technical innovation in the blockchain space.

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