PlusOneCoin bucking the crypto market trend

PlusOneCoin is a unique social affirmation coin for the investment and trading community. The coin was developed in a joint venture between ADVFN and Online Blockchain (OBC) both of which benefit from a highly experienced common team. The team is steadily progressing with the coin applications moving beyond the standard altcoin model.

PlusOneCoin offers more than just the average social cryptocurrency; it is:

  1. A means to educate the ADVFN investor community -which pretty much focussed on the equity markets and used to speculating about stocks- about the crypto world
  2. A new community mechanism for the ADVFN BB (Chat Rooms) that rewards content creators and ADVFN platform generating crypto revenue
  3. A real life ‘sandbox’ for the OBC developers to build their middleware software around

As we as allowing users to monetise their social presence and one of PlusOneCoin’s major USP is its ability that it can be mined on any personal computer. There are essentially two ways of acquiring the coins:

1) Download a wallet (available for both Windows and Macs here — ) and mine the coins using your computers’ processing power.

2) Have your content up voted on ADVFN chat rooms (BB)

3) Buy/Trade the coin on Satoshi Coin Exchange ( )

How to upvote content
PlusOneCoin Wall showing top voted content

On Thursday, zccording to Satoshi Coin Exchange, PlusOneCoin had a 34% increase in just 24 hours starting from a Low: USD0.000006700.00000897 to High: USD0.00000897due to an increase in the mining of coin. Looking at the coin’s history as a whole, PlusOneCoin was listed on the Satoshi Coin Exchange on 14TH March 2018, valued at USD0.00000352, and has been performing well over the summer..

Last week PlusOneCoin started to spike on 10th September when it opened on a high of USD0.00000949 reaching highest value of USD0.00001331 on 12th September 2018. The figures also show an impressive consolidation in terms of volume, closing at 1178.8162 BTC for PlusOneCoin as compared to its humble beginning in March when it was valued at USD0.00090108 BTC.

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