Reply from the Stars: New app to talk to your favourite celebrities

Innovative tech company Right of Reply announces the launch of Reply from the Stars, a communication platform deploying digital identity to allow widely followed individuals to communicate with specific members of their audience.

it’s important for celebrities to communicate regularly and continue to build their individual brand on a daily basis, but the tabloid culture has created problems around gossip and defamation leading many celebrities to back away from traditional media. Reply from the Stars aims to prevent defamation and libelous attacks by tabloid press, protecting celebrities’ reputation as well as their privacy. With this brand new platform, celebrities can communicate directly with their fan base in a fully verified and secured environment.

“One of the main problems with one-to-one communication online is trusting the identity of the person on the other side. With Right of Reply we have created a special technology to identify each user based on their social media and national IDs,” says Matteo Flora digital reputation expert. “After a user goes through our identification process, the platform will generate a token so the celebrity can be sure to be talking to their fan and not anyone else.”

The true value of the platform is in generating tokens that are assigned to each user. Each token will have a unique value that provides financial compensation for the celebrity, which can then, for example, be directed to charitable causes. The main purpose of the platform is to provide a new channel for influential figures to interact personally with their fan base whilst engaging in philanthropic activities.

Furthermore, the app ensures end-to-end encrypted messages which cannot be accessed by any third party to ensure maximum privacy and minimum exposure.

For the time being, ‘Reply from the Stars’ is being targeted at footballers, soap opera and stars. Who will be the first celebrities on Reply from The Stars app? Stay tuned to find out.

Right of Reply is developing a range of platforms designed to improve debate online and manage online reputation. Visit its page

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