Save the Date: Cassiopeia Investor Symposium Autumn 2019

Cassiopeia Services is delighted to announce the next edition of our renowned Investor Symposia, the exclusive London Investor Event which gathers investors, company executives, and market watchers and influencers together in prestigious central London venues for an evening of networking and discovering investment opportunities.

Whether you are a shareholder, private or institutional investor, industry professional or thought leader, our symposia provide a unique opportunity. We facilitate connections and ongoing dialogue between companies, shareholders and market opinion leaders. Information is key to investment and trading.

In these times of market uncertainty, establishing the right connections gives investors the edge to choose the best fit for their investment.

This October, our Symposium will be held at a new location, Home Grown Private Members’ club for high-growth entrepreneurs and investors in Central London. Home Grown is an exclusive venue perfectly positioned to act as a catalyst for business development.

This edition’s theme will be Natural Resources, presented in an innovative format with two sessions to combine market insights from analysts and companies to watch. This is the time for investors to gather knowledge on and insight into how to best manage their investments in natural resources at a time when external factors are shaking up the market.

Opinion leaders and financial media representatives, market influencers and well-known City traders regularly attend our events to gain insight into market trends and promising stocks. In this edition, former SP Angel oil & gas analyst and director at O&G Advisors, Zac Phillips, and gold fund manager Angelos Damaskos, will join for more insight on the markets.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas stocks are a must in any investment portfolio. In 2018, oil production increased nearly 9% from 2017, hitting the highest UK oil production rate since 2011. In 2019, UK oil and gas upstream investment is expected to witness a projected 4% increase.

Additionally, gas is increasingly becoming a primary source of energy for the UK. Last year, natural gas represented nearly 40% of UK’s primary energy usage, up on the previous year.

data from Carbon Brief, August 2019

Zac Phillips, the well-known Director of Oil Gas Advisors and former SP Angel analyst, will be talking to investors about this space.

Union Jack Oil (UJO): One of the hottest stocks on the London AIM market in 2019 is small-cap Union Jack Oil. UJO caught investors’ attention this summer with the discovery of the West Newton project, which represents one of the largest onshore discoveries in the UK. Evaluation of the West Newton project showed a significant oil and gas discovery rather than a pure gas discovery as originally perceived. The UJO company also operates several other assets, among the biggest being the Biscathorpe and Wressle wells, both holding considerable potential and set to generate encouraging results in 2020.

Zenith Energy (ZEN) is a company operating the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan in partnership with SOCAR, as well as nine natural gas assets in Italy. Listed on both the Canadian TSX Venture and the London Stock Exchange Main Market, Zenith’s strategy is to acquire and develop assets with untapped reserves and existing production. By the close of 2020, Zenith plans to achieve a production target of 3,000 bopd. The Company owns a fleet of 3 rigs, comprised of a 1,200hp drilling rig and two workover rigs.

Gold & Metals

it’s highly likely that they are already watching gold market as it has been growing stronger in the past weeks, especially in India, where gold prices have hit a record high. The forecast is set to continue positively, a trend which could be attributed to uncertainties in the global market, which favours the market for gold and precious metals as store of value.

Mixed economic data, persisting trade worries, Brexit uncertainty and the loose monetary policy stance of central banks are some of the factors specialists predict will push the price of gold up. Angelos Damaskos, CEO of Sector Investments and mining analyst will be sharing his views on gold and metal trends.

St Georges Mining (SX) Established in 2009, St Georges is a Canadian company, focused on mining activities and developing new technologies to solve today’s biggest environmental and energy problems. St Georges develops metal processing technologies which can be deployed to reduce the environmental impact of mining operation, while improving profitability and the financial bottom line of current base metals producers. St Georges has a diverse portfolio of mining projects including assets in Iceland and Canada, where it explores minerals and metals including gold, copper and zinc but also lithium and nickel, which power new technologies.

IMC Exploration (IMC) the newly listed Ireland-based mining exploration company IMC focuses on gold and base metals. IMC is well positioned to deliver value to its shareholders building on its resource potential and portfolio, which holds 6 prospecting licences on the east coast of Ireland. Three of the licences are aimed at targeting an area in Ireland which is considered to have high grade gold. The other two licences are operating in Tailings and Spoils Avoca, which has seen great results along with a recently acquired CPR.

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