The future internet, built on blockchain: Decentralisation, security and privacy

In the latest episode of FinancialFox, Crypto Guru Stefania Barbaglio connects with Jared Tate, founder of DigiByte and author of Blockchain 2035: The Digital DNA of Internet 3.0. Aimed at both professionals and the layperson, the book explores the possibilities of the new blockchain-powered internet age.

The DigiByte founder has long talked about the power of decentralised technologies and “blockchain’s ability to recreate the architecture of the internet.” In this book, co-authored with Andrew Knapp, founder and CEO of VESTi, Jared dives deep into the world of blockchain and its potentiality.

Blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies to have surged in adoption over recent years. The industry has received substantial investment and is rapidly developing its products and services to fit the demands of an ever-more digital world. The applications of blockchain are diverse, ranging from financial services to healthcare to digital identities.

Blockchain 2035 addresses exactly this. “It’s a very dynamic book,” defines Jared Tate, highlighting that his work combines explanations about the technology and its applications, as well as geopolitics and the digital economy. The book is a first of its kind, detailing the pivotal role of blockchain in the future of the internet and digital systems.

Jared discusses the challenges inherent in blockchain development, such as scalability, and how DigiByte has evolved to address vulnerabilities and improve its structure. DigiByte is one of the most secure and decentralised UTXO blockchains available on the market due to its constant updates and enhanced features.

Blockchain has immense industrial and technical value and the industry is highly capable of reinvention and improvement.The purpose of deploying blockchain is to enable faster, more secure user-centric systems.

On the issue of quantum computing, Jared debunks some myths around the subject and explains its potential impact on blockchain services. He questions the feasibility of quantum computers becoming mainstream in the near future, while acknowledging that it is a powerful technology with interesting applications. In terms of the challenge it could pose to blockchain technology: “We already have projects working to quantum-proof their blockchains, like DigiByte. This industry has been on the cutting edge of security innovations and I believe this will continue to happen,” Jared comments.

Discussing the current issues in data management and privacy, Jared believes blockchain has an important role in protecting data as he outlines DigiByte’s work with digiassets, a system built on DigiByte technology that allows for the application of decentralised technologies to digital identity and safe management of digital assets.

“By 2035, our world will have changed substantially, and decentralised blockchains will have been a big part of that. Blockchains will serve for everything we use in our day-to-day lives, from being a source of trust for businesses to working as a check on advanced AIs. New monetary alternatives that blockchain supports will impact governments, large corporations, and banks, especially in an era defined by overwhelming debt and quantitative easing.”

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