The power of crypto community: The First UK DigiByte Event is on

Cassiopeia Services, the leading blockchain PR agency, is thrilled to host the first DigiByte event in the UK on November 18th in Central London. The founder of Digibyte blockchain Jared Tate will be attending on his way back to the US from Norway, where he will be presenting at the CryptoFinance Conference in Oslo.

DGB followers, investors and supporters will have the unique opportunity to meet Jared, aka DigiMan, face to face and hear from him about DigiByte’s news and his next plans.

Other special guests include well-known Steemit ambassador Stephen Kendal and ‘Deano Digi’, joint founder of DGBAT, the DGB Awareness Team.

We are proud to ‘make things happen’ in the crypto space: “We are introducing an innovative approach to crypto communities, bringing reality and personal relationships into a world where most interactions only take place online and a great deal of projects in this space are untrustworthy and illegitimate,” said Stefania Barbaglio, founder of Cassiopeia.

“Why do we support DigiByte? It was one of the first crypto coins to hit the market in the pre-ICO days of 2014 and since then has been growing organically, creating one of the largest and strongest online communities. We want more people in the UK to meet this community and understand that the world is moving in a new direction,” she added.

Digibyte (DGB) is a true grassroots coin. It is largely decentralised, which means full user autonomy, and has a strong use case: It is much 40 times faster than Bitcoin, for example, and transactions cost a lot less. DigiByte blocks occur on the network every 15 seconds, making DigiByte the fastest UTXO blockchain in the world today with one of the lowest fees.

It is also more secure as transactions, mining and blockchain distribution are as decentralised as possible. Because of its speed, DigiByte boasts the longest blockchain and its structure makes it cross-compatible with any other blockchain.

Digibyte ranks within the top 40 crypto coins by Market Cap (35th as we write today) according to coin marketcap, and predictions from crypto experts show that DGB has a 132% growth potential by the end of the year.

But what makes DGB so unique? The power of decentralization.

“The beauty of decentralisation is that you can do multiple things with it. Blockchain is a paradigm shift in the architecture of the internet,” said DigiByte founder Jared Tate in an interview with Stefania on Financial Fox TV Show.

A decentralised asset like blockchain can address the vulnerabilities in the current architecture of the internet. Decentralisation empowers individuals to use the technology for their needs and projects. Because of its strong use case, DGB is coin with a bright future: it aims to provide feasible and effective solutions to systems that are heavily centralized and address the structural flaws in the internet to build an environment where participants are sovereign.

As Jared recognized, there is a level of concern about the current hype around ICOs, as the ICO market can be overestimated at the times, with many coins failing to succeed and provide returns. However, the projects which do survive are more user-friendly and have greater ability to develop and scale, like DGB. Cryptocurrencies like DGB, for example, show that it is possible to create a financial system that is detached from political and economic factors, and international currency fluctuation.

The loyal and supportive DGB community proved this: the DGB Foundation designed the ‘Venezuela Project’ and chose Venezuela to run a real-life experiment in mass cryptocurrency adoption applying blockchain to development causes, education and outreach.

‘Blockchain is a worldwide phenomenon. We’re at the point where everyone has realised that this technology is not going away; it is a paradigm shift in computer science and the architecture of the internet,’ says the DigiByte founder.

Cassiopeia looks forward to meeting Jared Tate and all of the DigiByte Community on Sunday 18th November in Central London for a unique and epic event. This is a private event: entry is granted via registration only. More info on the event and registration form can be found here.

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