“Without our community, DigiByte would be nothing,” says DGB founder Jared Tate at the first UK…

“Without our community, DigiByte would be nothing,” says DGB founder Jared Tate at the first UK Digibyte Event in London

Cassiopeia is thrilled to share the success of the first ever kind of exclusive DGB event in the UK which took place in London last Sunday 18th November.

The founder Jared Tate attended the reception to give DGB community a first-hand insight into his vision and DGB future. In Jared’s own words, he conceived the idea of DGB as an improvement over the Bitcoin protocol. “The main difference between bitcoin and DBG is in the very origin of their blockchain: DGB’s genesis block was created keeping in mind the safety and privacy of online customer data.”

DigiByte is a forward-thinking coin: DGB had no ICO or pre-mining. It is largely decentralized, which means full user autonomy. DGB has one of the strongest user cases in the cryptocurrency market: DGB can support over 48 million transactions a day –10 times the current transaction capacity of the top 50 blockchains by market cap. DigiByte can handle the expected transactions from several million users instantly, with no changes needed to the existing blockchain. The DGB platform can also support arbitrages and fund remittances.

Five years since the inception of the coin, Jared feels ‘exciting overwhelmed and very happy’ by the support and strength of the DGB community.

The community-driven effort and the tremendous faith that Jared has in the people supporting his project are the key factors that make DGB so unique and compelling. So much it is true that Jared says one of DGB’s leading developers is someone who he has never met but because of trust his vision and idea.

The potential of DGB as a mass-adopted cryptocurrency lays on its strong cybersecurity feature — and the deployment of blockchain technology to address the security flaws online.

Jared thinks that the internet, as it is today, is fundamentally broken. The centralised databases which currently support the system act as a catalyst for single points of failure. Thus, what DGB has intended to and continued to strive to achieve is to provide an utterly decentralised platform which is efficient, fast and secure.

One of the major updates of DigiByte is the improvement of one of its five mining algorithms that changes itself every 10 days. This has increased the security of the network by making it hard for coders and developers to guess the sequence and manipulate the blockchain.

When asked about his vision for DGB, Jared highlighted the importance of ‘Digi assets’, a second layer is built on top of the DGB blockchain. The Digi assets promise to be a revolution in the field of data privacy and security. Some of the sectors which is set to revamp are the health care system, real estate, politics, as well as improving payment and remittance systems.

Another special guest was DANIEL SKOWRONSKI Co-Founder and CEO of DX. Exchange. DX is the first fully EU regulated, complete crypto community that allows institutions and individuals to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat. Having years of experience trading on the financial market, Daniel is building DX Exchange on the Nasdaq’s leading matching technology.

From DigiByte’s perspective, the listed on DX exchange is a big milestone. “I’m very excited to bring DigiByte into DX Exchange. I believe the coin has a great future,” said Daniel to DGB investors.

The event was successful not only because all the investors were so engrossed in Jared’s insights but also because this was the first time in the UK that DGB enthusiasts could meet one another. Apart from founder Jared Tate, other special guests included Steem blockchain ambassador Stephen Kendal and the founder members of the DigiByte Awareness Team.

The interaction between investors was friendly and energetic. There were plenty of questions and raised between the guests to be answered by Jared and much knowledge was shared among the DGB community. In an interactive way of displaying the peer to peer transaction of Digicoins, Deano from the DigiByte Awareness Team purchased the DGB socks from another DGB investor by transferring him 100 DGB instantly and in real time.

The atmosphere reflected the true spirit of DGB: open, transparent, engageing. While the coin continues to strive towards excellence and improve its protocol, we can see that its ideology remains the same — and this is what it makes DGB so powerful and game-changing.

Digibyte Blockis a technology for the people, by the people.

Watch highlights of the event here

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