Reputation Management & Data Breaches

We are experts in reputation management, crisis communication and strategic advisory, as well as data privacy management.

As we move to a more digital based method of working, particularly following the COVID 19 outbreak, RFB, CYFOR and Cassiopeia realise that more digital issues are going to arise in the areas of employment, regulatory and business crime.

We have therefore entered a partnership to provide a one-stop service to our clients in relation to internal investigations, legal services, digital forensics, cyber security and PR/reputation management.

Our partnership aims to guide and support our clients through these processes, with the additional comfort of legal privilege, which is not available if investigations were to be carried out internally.

CLP React & Protect
RFB Legal

By combining our expertise in the fields of technology, legal and PR reputation management, we are able to guide you as issues arise in the following key areas:

  • Home working
  • Cyber security/data breaches
  • Electronic property theft by employees
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Data Subject Access Requests

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